Alena Go Green

            Alena Led Light House is one of the Leading modern Led Light shops in Kerala. We offer a range of LED Lights and components from some of the best manufacturers. Our product portfolio covers a wide range of LED lighting fixtures and other LED products. Built on the core mission of energy efficiency, our products conform to world class standards in terms of Quality of product, Uniqueness of design and Value for money. We have a roadmap that is aligned to the latest trends in indian consumer market.

            Much more than style and convenience, LED lighting serves a social cause of reducing the carbon footprint in our environment. A single 100W incandescent bulb on four hours a day produces 138.89 lbs of carbon per year, and the average home has more than 40 light bulbs. Switching to a 12 watt LED light bulb, which emits the same amount of light as a 75W incandescent, produces only 7.33 lbs of carbon per year. Play your part in conserving our Planet. Use LED for your lighting needs!